Monday, 20 February 2012

Old Fashioned Laundry

Felt the urge for one of my 'living history re-enactments' today. Decided to boil wash my dish cloths and tea towels the old fashioned way, instead of in the washing machine. (Although, technically, it only goes up to 95 degrees.)

First I got myself a bucketful of rain water (which has been collecting in my tin bath outside) and put it on my cooker to heat up. This took a looooooooooongggg time! Eventually I realised it would be quicker with a cover, so I used the lid of the bread bin.

I used my late mother-in-law's oven glove to lift the lid to add grated soap (Fairy household bar soap).

After boiling for a while I used a pair of wooden tongs to get the tea towel out - just like I remember my Mum and Nan using.

Squeezing out the excess water.

Rinsing the soap out in a sinkful of cool water. I like the reflection from the window in this picture.

Look at the condensation on the window! The kitchen was full of the distinctive smell of a boil wash, bringing back memories of being off primary school, unwell, watching Mum use the twin tub to wash and hearing Jimmy Young on the radio - "What's the recipe today, Jim?"

After wringing out the water (by hand, since these were small things) I hung them on the line - using wooden dolly pegs of course!

Do you like my 1940s wrapover apron?

Thoroughly enjoyed myself today - but I wouldn't want to do that all the time!