Saturday, 8 September 2012

Random Piccies Around the House

Hi everyone! Sorry haven't posted for a while - just been busy. Took some photos of latest harvesting and then wandered round the house, whilst I had the camera in my hand, taking more images to share with you. I know I like peeking into other blog friends' houses this way, so thought you might enjoy it too.....

The climbing beans that I'd almost given up on, having re-planted them 3 times, have finally produced! Also in this piccy are courgettes (zucchini), and my first ever apple (Jonagold).

This is a cute doorstop I bought at Laura Ashley. I could have made it myself, or purchased it somewhere cheaper, but I had a gift voucher to use up.

Two beautiful wood carvings now that I picked up from the artist herself at a healing fair in Penzance. (I bravely ignore the capital 'E' in the first one....)

One of my Purry Panthers came to have a look..... (I think this is Luna, the girl.)

Some lovely fabric I picked up at a charity shop (old curtains), and the pattern I bought on Ebay which I intend (someday) to use with it.

This painting hangs over our mantelpiece in the living room. It was painted by my late Father-in-law some years ago. He was in the merchant navy in his youth and adored old fashioned sailing ships. As he was red/green colour blind he had to ask us if he'd got the colours right - the sky was green originally!! He named the boat after his late wife, Irene Rose.

I bought these beautiful ceramic tile pictures at Caithness Crystal. It was difficult to choose which ones, but I love the brightness and joy of these two.

These hang in my hallway. The picture of the wren is another charity shop find.

In two weeks' time my beautiful Daughter will be off to Aberystwyth (I have to type that name slowly to get it right!) university. As she has chosen to be self catering there are a lot of things to buy. Naturally, she doesn't want the old fashioned stuff from the house that I've offered; only new stuff will do! This is just some of it. How on earth we'll fit it all in my car for the long drive to the other side of the country is a mystery still to be solved!

And finally, here is the tv on the ultra modern glass table hubby loved but I hated.....

And here's the much better, natural, wooden replacement I found in yet another charity shop...
Ahhh, that's better! By the way, that monstrous tv is going too. The rental place can have it back and I'll buy a much smaller one, since I hardly watch the thing and Daughter will be at uni! (Don't worry, she does know what I've planned!)

Well, that's it for now - hope you enjoyed the piccies. Blessings to you all  x x