Friday, 11 November 2011

A visit to Pensthorpe

Took a day off from all the many, many things that need sorting when your loved one has died, and went to visit Pensthorpe, Norfolk. (England) They're the ones who have hosted the BBC's 'Springwatch'.  I have never been there before, even though it's only about 30 mins from where I live. I always thought it was just a place with different waterfowl but there's SO much more too!!!

Here are some piccies I took:

I think this one was called a Bald Egret.

Black Storks are HUGE!!!

What a wingspan!!

Can't remember what this one was called, but it was flapping it's wings around at the time.

A cute Coot. Or, as  we in Norfolk would pronounce it, 'a coot Coot'.

Can't remember which duck variety this one was either.

A very friendly goose!

I think this one is a Goldeneye.

Such beautiful colouring!

Snow Geese make such a funny, flat kind of honking sound.

White Storks are big too!

This is a Stilt. Stilts are well named for their long, spindly legs which look as if they will snap.

And now for some non-bird pictures......

Glorious Autumn berries. (Pyracantha?)

I spotted a little copse of trees and thought to myself "That looks really magical". As I got closer I noticed two of these Fly Agarics - real Fairy Toadstools!!!

Another fungi I spotted. (Stinkhorn?)

What's that saying? Something like 'When Gorse is not in bloom then kissing's out of fashion'.

Hmmm....guess what tree this is???  ;-)

Oak tree.

Lovely twisty Oak branches.

Another Oak.

I think this is the river Wensum.

And again.

One of the many lakes/meres there.

All in all, I thoroughly recommend a visit! I told the staff I wanted to live there forever but, sadly, they said I had to go home.....  :-(


  1. Such beautiful pictures,i must go there one day and i have also heard Sculthorpe Moor is

  2. Yes I've heard that too. We really must go there one day.....

  3. Wonderful pictures! Thank you so much for posting them :0)
    Thinking of you and hope you are OK xxx