Saturday, 1 December 2012

Take Me Home, Country Roads

Had a lovely drive out the other week (14th November) in the country lanes around the Norfolk villages of Shernborne and Anmer, and thought I'd share some pictures with you. It was a really still day, not a breath of wind. Just beautiful!

My eye was drawn to a flash of bright pink in the otherwise bare hedgerow - a Mallow!

Beautiful Autumnal tree - Beech or Oak I would guess.

So peaceful.....

Deserted road....

...which was just as well, since it was too narrow for two cars to pass each other!

Gateway to a field. There were hares in this field, but too far off for my little camera to pick up.

All of a sudden there was a great cacophony of noise overhead, as hundreds of geese flew in.

They landed in a field and, after a little chat to each other, settled down to eat. I wish I'd had my binoculars so I could tell you what sort of geese they were.

And finally, to finish the post, a few random photos....

Goodness, my doormat is awfully bumpy!

Ah, it's Bramble, waiting to pounce on his sister when she comes down the stairs!

Our church is having a Christmas Tree Festival. I made these for our Church Choir tree, in the colours we wear. Everyone drew their own faces. (A few were missing at this stage, including our conductor and organist.)

This is me! Do you think it's a good likeness?

Advent blessings to you all!!!!   x x x


  1. Hey - I know this is right off the point of your post, but don't you look fab in your choir robes!

  2. Beautiful pictures of the country-side.I love Norfolk and would not want to live any-where else.I agree with Ember you look fab in your choir robes xxx

    1. Thanks Mum. We're a couple of Norfolk Mawthers! x x x