Saturday, 9 March 2013

Decisions, decisions

Hi everyone. (Hi Dr. Nick! Oops sorry, slipped into The Simpsons then for a minute...)

I haven't left the planet, I've just been busy sorting things out in the house. I have, at last, completed the main bedroom and moved in but I want to tell you more about that when I've taken some pictures, and I want to take the pics on a sunny day so you can see the room at its best.

I shall be very busy this week too, as I have to move everything out of my living and dining rooms so they can be re-floored. I've enjoyed ripping up the old, grotty carpet - very cathartic! As Facebook friends will know, I found an old local newspaper beneath the carpet, dated February 1976!!!!! Even more bizarre was the fact it was the very issue which had a birthday greeting for my cousin's 18th in it! Under the carpet are some old tiles ('Marley' tiles, according to the flooring chap.) which are a very uninspiring brown colour. They are also very cold on the feet! I've been using a folded blanket by my feet, or a footstool, when I relax in the evenings. Tiles also have less friction, as my cat discovered when he ran through at top speed (as is his wont) and went skidding across the floor! Hee hee!

Hopefully, in two weeks' time, I shall have a beautiful wooden floor. But the decisions that have to be made....!!! Did I want real wood or laminated? That was an easy one - real. Which shade? Which width? Which stain? Pre-treated? (And all this accompanied by a long history of how good France is at growing wood.) I'd just got my head round it all and got a date fixed, when he suddenly launched into skirting boards. Apparently they have to rip out the existing ones, which are then rarely good enough to be re-used. So do I want this one with all the ridges in? Or this one with none? Round edged? Straight edged? Wide? Narrow? What have you got already (No idea!), as it needs to match the rest of the house (Why? Doesn't bother me!). Aaaaaaarrrrggghhh! I don't know! Just bung a bit of wood round the edges for goodness sake - it's only there to stop the hoover/carpet sweeper bashing the walls!!!!

Deep breath now, Hawthorne. Calm. Trees gently waving in the summer breeze....

It had better all be worth it, that's all I can say!

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  1. You sound like a badger industriously digging out all its bedding and re-doing the chambers of its home! Don't forget to take tea-breaks! So looking forward to seeing the photos. xxx