Thursday, 28 April 2011

Eek! I've finally got started!

Well I've been meaning to start a blog for a long time now, having enjoyed reading other people's blogs, so I think I've managed to press the right things to do so! Obviously will take me a little while to work out how to customize it all, but at least it's a start. So what do I write about? Hmmmm.....

Reminds me of the beginning of The Sacred Diary of Adrian Plass (aged 37 3/4) where our hero feels called by God to keep a spiritual diary to enlighten others - then can't think what to write but "tomorrow's Sunday. Must be something on a Sunday, surely?"   (When I can work out how, I'll put a link to the book.)

How about a little about myself, so you know who you're dealing with?! I'm a 48 year old wife, mother and rabbit feeder who lives in Norfolk, England. I love to read, sing, garden, walk, sew and tickle my rabbit's ears when he deigns to allow me! I am a Person of Faith (being deliberately vague here to avoid labels this early on in my blogging life) and I love chocolate. There! I think that will do for now!

Looking forward to sharing more with you, and hope you enjoy future blogs.

Blessings  x x


  1. :0) Hi Hawthorne - well done! God bless this new blog!!

  2. Welcome to blogland!

    I look forward to reading more about your thoughts.

    Be blessed,

    Mrs. M.

  3. Yay! Hi Ember and Mrs M! Thank you for your blessings x

  4. Chocolate is always good. People of faith are always to be loved & welcomed. Rabbits are banned where I come from as vermin but my brother kept one when I was little. White, by the name of Snowball. Highly original but he was very young.

  5. I love HRH Bunny and your veggies are coming
    along nicely

  6. Hi Ganieda *waves* - we also had a ginger Guinea-pig called....Ginger!

    Hi 'Rosemary' *blows kiss* - I forgive you for leaving your comment on the wrong post and not putting a capital letter for your name!!!! (It's ok - she's my beautiful Mum!!!)

  7. *celebratory streak mome;p* Hiya, puddle:). xxx