Sunday, 1 May 2011

Gardening day

Sunny and windy today so decided to do some gardening. Most years I attempt to grow some veggies in my little plot in the back garden, though I often seem to end up too busy or too tired to tend them properly so results are rather varied!

The other factor in all this is our Bunny and his insatiable appetite. During the day Flopsy has the freedom to roam anywhere in our back garden, since he is unable to escape (though he succeeded once not long after we got him - but that's another story) and also has open access to his hutch in the utility room . He sees the garden, and the room, as HIS kingdom and anything edible in it is his by Divine Right - even if it was actually intended for those funny flappy, beaked creatures that can reach places a bunny can't. This means that any attempt at food growing has to be bunny proofed - a challenge he loves to meet head on! You will see various methods in the piccies Daughter took below.....

Carrot seedlings planted about 2 weeks ago. These are in a bucket on a bench out of Bunny's reach. (hopefully)

Lettuce seedlings planted a week ago. These are at ground level so have high chicken wire around them.
Planted potatoes in these today. Got the colourful containers half price last winter. The idea is to keep covering them with more soil as they grow, the equivalent to 'earthing up'. Will bunny proof these when plants show.

Two new rhubarb plants and one older one. I looooooovvvve rhubarb!!!! These are planted on what used to be a kind of rockery round the concrete linen post. Rhubarb leaves may be poisonous to humans but obviously not to bunnies! The two new plants are replacements for ones Someone nibbled to the ground - note waist high fencing now erected.
These are onions planted last autumn in the 'bigger plot'. I intend to plant broad beans and peas in the spaces left. Again, waist high fencing.

My namesake! The glorious spring weather has brought the May blossom on early this year. This tree overhangs our fence from a piece of wasteland behind. It will be full of beautiful berries in the autumn.

And finally Lord Flopsy of Bunnington himself, surveying his realm. I know he's naughty, forever nibbling things he shouldn't, but how can I possibly tell off such a cutie???    ;-)


  1. I like your fact that is pretty much what I am doing here in the cottage. So far, I am cleaning up, then I'll start to plan.

    I like your ideas...especially how you plan to sow the potatoes. :)


    Mrs. M.

  2. That is one noble bunny!

  3. Lol. He certainly is!! ;-)