Monday, 9 May 2011

A day out at Gressenhall

Had a BRILLIANT day out last week with my lovely Mum at Gressenhall museum. We both love this place but, as usual, we ran out of time to see all the bits we’d planned to – which gives us a good excuse to go again  :-D
My favourite part is Cherry Tree Cottage and garden. This is a long bungalow built originally in the 19th century as part of the workhouse, for housing elderly couples, but now furnished as a 1930s farm worker’s family home. It has a scullery (with mangle, washboard etc), a bedroom (with life sized bed-ridden Granny under the patchwork coverlet), living room/kitchen (with range, flat iron, kitchen table etc) and parlour (with the ‘posh’ tablecloth, ornaments etc). I always tell Mum to leave me there and let me live there!
The cottage is in the midst of a beautiful walled garden, maintained by volunteers. In it there is the outside privy, some chickens in a small run, old fruit trees, and a neatly bordered vegetable garden complete with scarecrow! Heaven! I know I’m romanticising, but I love to imagine living there – providing I have the option to return to modern conveniences when I feel like it, of course!

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