Monday, 16 May 2011

Patchwork church

Bleurrrgh! Don’t come too close, I’ve got the Dreaded Lurgi! Well, alright, it’s a heavy cold or hay fever or something: either way you don’t want to catch it. Consequently am off work and was unable to attend special Choral Evensong yesterday for which, as a choir member, I’d been practising for weeks. Was really disappointed as it was a sung service from the Book of Common Prayer and not a regular occurrence at my local church. (Though it may well become one.)
One thing I love about my church is the variety of ways it offers for worshipping God. Want a lively, charismatic service? Come to monthly ‘Praise God Together’! Want a Holy Communion with hymns? Come to weekly Common Worship! Want a quiet, no singing, traditional Communion? Come to early 8.00 service! Part of my Patchwork nature is that, at various times, I have found all of these helpful and the appropriate way to worship. In my journeying I have also been part of a house church, and enjoyed silent Quaker worship too, but there is something so serene about a sung choral evensong that stills my soul.  Ember, in her blog ‘Kindred of the Quiet Way’ used the phrase ‘stroking her fur the right way’ and I know just what she means!
Kindred of the Quiet Way

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