Thursday, 26 May 2011

The 1940s Patch

For many years I have been interested in domestic history, particularly how ordinary women coped with their daily tasks without all the luxuries we take for granted nowadays. Such strong women, taking pride in their duties, caring for their families and their homes as best they can - just like us!

About 10 years ago (10!!!!! I can't believe it!!!) I had 6 months off work recovering from stress and depression. During that time a programme called "1940s House" was shown, featuring a modern family living a 1940s lifestyle for a while. I really connected with this programme, partly I think because some of the artefacts etc were still around when I was growing up in the 1960s: thus a new Patch was born!

I enjoyed the thrill of finding, and bidding for, 1940s artefacts (or replicas) on Ebay. I wasn't interested in war memoribilia, just the actual home life. Flea markets, charity shops and 2nd hand shops were great to visit too! I built up quite a collection and would love to have had a room to decorate and furnish 40s style to show it off!

Although I don't collect much of this sort of thing now, many habits were born, things which make me feel connected with those brave women, our foremothers -  such as using wooden dolly pegs to hang out my washing, wearing a wrapover apron when doing house work, using a broom, carpet sweeper or brush and dustpan instead of a hoover. These, in turn, connect with my current Amish and simple living thoughts, so one thing leads to another!

Anyway, here are some piccies to enjoy:
Wicker basket with food items and the dreaded scratchy toilet paper! I remember visiting my Great Granny when I was little and needing the toilet but trying to hold on because of that horrible loo roll!
Same again but with coins in foreground: farthings, pennies, threepences, sixpences, shillings and florins. I now have some paper money to go with it too.

Tablecloth, cake stand, mixing bowl, wooden spoon, enamel bowl, sugar bowl and teapot.

Enamel saucepans, can opener, mincer and actual wartime cook book.

One of my wrapover aprons (I remember my Nan wearing one), carpet beater, scrubbing brush, so-called cream maker, gummed brown paper for sticking on those 1940s windows, moth balls and two candle holders. (One was my Nan's).

My lovely, lovely replica radio (I listen to this everyday! It also has a hidden tape player for my Glen Miller and other music tapes. What will I do when all our radio goes digital???), 2 gas masks, replica seamed nylons and replica ration books etc.

Genuine 1940s women's magazines and replica newspapers. I love to look at the adverts in the magazines!
Some beautiful badges - Women's Voluntary Service, Women's Institute, Land Army, Spitfire Fund, Air Raid Precaution. I forget what the silver one in the middle front is - maybe Red Cross.

A mixture of replica and genuine paper items.

Some 78s which belonged to Hubby's Mum and Dad, including Flanagan & Allen singing 'Run rabbit run'.

A small sample of some books I have from this period. I particularly love to read the Home Management advice!!! Will probably share snippets in future posts. The photo is of yours truly in 1940s clothing, in an Art Deco photo frame from Hubby's family.

Hope you enjoyed seeing those!  x

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  1. I <3! Who can resist a bit of Glen Miller;p? Forties fashions are soooo cool! xxx