Monday, 9 May 2011

Daily Prayer link

Okay, I've spent a good half hour trying to put a 'feed' to this, without success, so just click on the title to go it.

This is a link to Daily Prayer on the Church of England website. You can choose morning, evening or night prayer in contemporary or traditional language, and it has all the readings and psalms there for you so you don't have to keep looking it all up in different places!

I have a shortcut to this on my desktop and find it very useful as a reminder to myself to set aside time for prayer, even if it's just a few minutes to read through night prayer before going to bed.

Blessings to all  x x 


  1. Hey, cool! I'll check that out and put it on my desktop too. Thanks for the heads-up! x

  2. No problem, Ember. Glad you found it useful! x