Monday, 29 August 2011

1940s day

Had a GREAT day out with my lovely Mum today. It was a special 1940s day at Gressenhall Museum of Rural Life, one of my favourite places to visit. They had organised a good range of activities, with re-enactors galore, like live music, school lessons, films, home guard drill, classic cars, lots of stalls to buy from (bought a lovely pair of navy gloves) and a fly past of a Hurricane, a Spitfire and a Lancaster! Met two uncles there too - and Winston Churchill!!!!! Of course I couldn't resist dressing up for the occasion, which turned out to be a good thing as they let me in for free because of it!
Here are some piccies.....

All dressed, ready to go. The coat is actually a modern one bought last year, but looks good in this context too.

My 40s dress bought from ebay 10 years ago. I had my very straight hair in rollers all last night to get the right look, and have a blue crocheted snood on to keep it tidy. The shoes are modern - bought online from Hotters - but look right.

I sooooo wanted one of these cars.

Look at this cute caravan!!!!

Two beautiful ladies dressed for the occasion.

1940s living room in the 'corner' of the marquee.

The sign by the stall where I bought my gloves.

Mum with an American jeep named after her! ;-)    (Sorry pic is a bit pink -  an occasional quirk of the camera I used.)

Look who paid a visit!!!!

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  1. Had a lovely day out yesterday with my beautiful daughter,thank you darling.The 1940s was a very elegant period and Gressenhall done it proud xxx