Friday, 26 August 2011


Right! I wish to start my campaign to bring back the good old fashioned, roll around, wall-mounted blackboard. Let me state first of all that I am not against interactive whiteboards (which are very useful tools) just the ordinary write-on wipe-off whiteboards.  
My main objection to whiteboards is that you use plastic pens to write on them which, even if refillable, have to be thrown away to join the vast rubbish heap of plastic which will take centuries to rot away – if ever! Chalk, however, is a natural substance and, like the pens, is also available in many colours.
Whiteboards have to be cleaned regularly with smelly ammonia sprays to remove ‘ghosting’; blackboards are cleaned with mere water when they get too dusty.
Finally, I find chalk a much easier medium to write neatly with (thus setting a good example for pupils) because it has just the right amount of ‘drag’, unlike slippery pens.
Blackboards were removed because they were considered old fashioned, being replaced with the brand new gimmick of whiteboards, but now it’s time for the blackboard to return!
So join my campaign, friends......BRING BACK BLACKBOARDS!!!! They are our future, our ecological friends!!!


  1. Yes bring back the blackboard and the lovely wooden desks and chairs,thats what i call a proper classroom xxx

  2. Hear hear! Just like Gressenhall had! ;-) x x