Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Christmas heart for Keith

Final post of the day!

I wanted to use some evergreens from my garden to make a wreath for Keith for Christmas.

Here we have ivy, rosemary, snowberries, holly and a variegated leafed plant that pokes through the fence from next door.

I was originally going to make a circle with the ivy and then add bits to it, but I found this lovely heart shaped base in Next. All i did was cut small pieces of ivy and tuck them in.

The finished piece. I went for simplicity in the end, adding a small sprig of mistletoe (bought) in the middle.

I feel really pleased with the finished thing. Keith loved flower arrangements - he was much better at it than me, having his family's artistic flair - and would have loved the home-madeness of this. We also joked every Christmas about me chasing him for a kiss under the mistletoe, so I just had to add some. Don't think you're getting away with it this year my love!!  ;-)   x x x


  1. Very nice...I loved your Walk through the woods post...some very nice pictures of Gods awesome creation. Merry Christmas to you and yours

  2. And to you and your family too, Shelley x x