Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Roots and Rhizomes!

Roots and rhizomes? Sounds like something Trumpkin would say, in 'Prince Caspian'!

A week or so ago, when the weather here turned quite Spring-like, I decided that not only would I dig over my usual veggie-patch but would also extend it. This meant moving a lot of logs (left over from when our silver birch tree suddenly died), lifting some broken concrete slabs which marked the border of the current veggie patch, and digging up a LOT of roots and rhizomes from the white dead-nettles, stinging nettles, lemon balm, ivy and brambles that had been growing in happy abundance there. I moved the lemon balm to another part of the garden, but the rest went in the brown wheelie bin to be taken away to be composted.

Of course, a certain lop-eared Bunny couldn't resist getting in on the act. He enjoyed munching the roots and helping to dig.

Just then, my beautiful, beautiful Daughter arrived home from school and, to my joy, decided to don her wellies and join in!

This was also a momentous day for our two rescue cats, Bramble and Luna, as it was their first day outside. True to form Luna (the female) very quickly felt at ease and disappeared over the fence to explore further, whereas Bramble (her brother) was much more cautious. Here he is, shinning up a fence....

.... and perching, rather uncomfortably, on top.

By the way, since these piccies were taken Bramble has not dared to venture this far again, preferring instead to hunt for such dangerous prey as dead twigs, which he likes to bring in through the catflap and chew to bits in the dining room.

Some signs of Spring on the way:
rhubarb appearing...

... and daffodils (or maybe narcissi) waiting to burst forth.

Since these piccies were taken the weather has not been so kind. Rain (which, admittedly, we badly need in this part of England if we are to avoid a drought later in the year) and cold temperatures have prevented further progress. Having all the windows and front door replaced with double-glazed versions, washing curtains, replacing old net curtains and worn out curtain rails, and searching for new curtains for awkward sized windows have kept me pretty busy too!


  1. Such a wonderful post...I so want to dig in the dirt but,bad health prevents it. I loved the post on your handwashing...I have done lots of handwashing but,have never boiled the wash...sure to get a deep cleaning that way.

  2. Hi Shelley! Yes, beautifully clean by boiling but of course most modern fabrics can't take that treatment. x x