Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Some Piccies for May

After weeks of almost constant rain we've finally had some sunny times - between showers. Took the camera out yesterday in the back garden and thought I'd share the piccies with you.
Bluebells - the very epitome of England in May.

The gooseberry bush is showing signs of the beginnings of berries forming - an amazing feat since Bramble (my cat) keeps catching the Bumble bees that visit here.
Solomon's Seal. Look how the raindrops stay on the leaves, making little beads. I am always astonished at how fast this plant grows each year! Some years it gets completely eaten by grey caterpillars from an insect which only feeds on Solomon's Seal.
Jack-by-the-hedge (or Jack-by-the-compost-bin!), a wild flower which has decided to make it's home here.
Beautiful, beautiful apple blossom from the Jonagold tree I planted this year. Will they make apples this first time? No idea - we'll have to wait and see. The label said it 'probably' doesn't need another tree nearby to pollinate - probably??!!
The onion sets have shot up this last week.
The 'darling buds of May'. Hopefully they'll open out this week, as the nearby hedgerow ones have.
White dead nettles and stinging nettles. I allow some to grow for the butterflies but have to be careful not to let them overtake the garden.
Unfurling fiddle heads of Ferns - now there's poetic!
And finally some pics of the beautiful animals whose lives I am privileged to share. This is Bramble, probably looking for more Bumble bees to catch!
Luna, Bramble's sister, investigates the pond.
Can you see who's hiding here?
Yes, it's Flopsy the bunny!

Hope you enjoyed my May photo album! Blessings  x x


  1. Beautiful..
    All the rain has made my shallots go moldy, my onions aren't too bad!
    I hope you get apples this year.
    Blessings to you.

  2. Hi Trish. *waves* Yes I've been wondering if the stuff I've planted might rot. I planted climbing beans a week or so ago and there's no sign of them as yet. Well, I can always plant them again. x x