Thursday, 24 May 2012

Singing again!

Thirty or so years ago my late husband and I, with a friend called Joey, used to play guitar and sing for our prayer group (Which later became a house church), and for monthly meetings of the Full Gospel Business Men's Fellowship International and other Christian meetings. The 'band'  broke up when I went to teacher training college and Joey joined British Youth for Christ. When I began to teach in Primary Schools, my singing and guitar playing was channelled into music lessons with the kiddies - what fun we had we had with '5 little speckled frogs' and the like! After several years a music specialist was brought into school so I stopped playing and singing.

Now that my life has changed so much, and I seek new directions, I find I am yearning to play and sing again, so I have begun to pick up my beautiful guitar and practise again. My hands had not forgotten where to place themselves, although my fingers creaked a bit with chords like B7! My finger ends, though a little sore, are beginning to harden again as I play the old songs. Oh what joy to greet those old friends! (Even if I have to change the key down a bit sometimes!!) 

Anyway, I thought I'd share with you a song I wrote way back in 1983. Bear in mind that I am rather rusty and have never made a video on my laptop before!

Here are the words:

All for you

You have come into my life.
My Jesus,
You have taken all the strife.
You are changing me, and making me
Into your likeness true.
My Jesus
It's all for you.

You have come into my heart.
My Jesus,
Giving me a brand new start.
You are changing me, transforming me
Creating me anew.
My Jesus
It's all for you.

You have made a promise true.
My Jesus,
That one day I'll be with you.
By your spirit free, complete in me
The work begun by you.
Lord Jesus,
My Jesus,
It's all for you.


I don't think Graham Kendrick needs to worry yet.....  ;-)


  1. You have such a beautiful voice... and your guitar playing is great. I love listening to my girls play the guitar. It makes me feel very happy. xxx

    1. Aww, thanks Trish. Sometimes I forget just how much joy music brings me. Mind you there are certain songs I definitely can't listen to when I'm feeling down, such as 'Mad World'. It's a standing joke in our house that I cover my ears whenever it's played!