Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Mysterious Ways....

God works in mysterious ways....    Gotta love God's sense of humour:

 I went to the toilet as usual first thing in the morning and, as usual, my cat Bramble followed me in. (He likes to sit in the sink for some reason.) I looked at the floor and thought to myself once again "I really must get the mop up here and give this floor a wash!" I've been telling myself this for a week or more now, but I always forget again by the time I get downstairs.

Anyway, another thing Bramble likes to do is have a good drink out of the bucket of rainwater that sits in the bathroom, with which I flush my loo. The only trouble was this bucket was only half full, so said cat couldn't reach the water. Being a resourceful chap he decided to tip the bucket up......   

Well, my bathroom floor certainly got cleaned, though mopping with towels whilst still in my nightdress wasn't quite what I had in mind!!

The culprit, in the sink.

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