Thursday, 1 November 2012

Ubi Caritas...

A year ago my husband, Keith Charles Hawkins, was released from the terrible addiction that had made a nightmare of all our lives. He turned to the addiction to cope with his fears and stresses, but I hope, pray and believe he is free from those now, healed and forgiven. Here are some pictures from his life:

Chubby bubby!

Batman outfit - a present to celebrate his new baby brother's birth.

What a beautiful little boy!

1970s school cricket team. Keith played many sports for his school and his county.

Running man - with hairy chest!!!

With new girlfriend...

Officially engaged.

Wedding day.

Proud dad.

Love my toddler.

Daddy/daughter pointing competition.

On the doorstep together.

One of several trips to Disneyland, Paris.

A Master Mason in 2000, we raised lots of money for the local hospital at our Ladies' night.

In his work suit.

My handsome man.

Till we meet again.....   x x x x


  1. Got to admit i had a tear in my eyes when i saw the picture's. He was a good husband and Daddy xxx

  2. I am so sorry for your loss. One still must be so raw at times.
    Alcoholism does rob a person doesn't it, my husband uses alcohol to destress, to cope, it changes a person, and really simply adds stress to his life and lessens his ability to cope. I have a picture of my husband when he was around 8 and it breaks my heart as I see all of the hope of the future in his face and find it sad that he has limited his potential with his alcohol addiction. But he is a good man, a good husband, and a good father and we are meant to be together and we love each other.
    I am glad that you are able to see your husband for who he was inside and not allow the alcoholism to rob you of that. Your post today is truly a loving tribute to your husband.

    Praying for you, I cannot imagine what it is to lose a spouse.


    1. Thank you. Have you tried Al-Anon, for relatives and friends of alcoholics? They saved my life! I would never have been able to cope without them. Although it was so hard, and so horrible, to see my husband die slowly over the last few years, in the end I have become much stronger than if he had died suddenly. I learned how to cope by myself, which has helped me so much in this past year. Blessings to you and yours x x x