Saturday, 11 June 2011

Congratulations Colin!!


Have been a fan of said gorgeous acting man for several years. Had a MAJOR crush on him for a while, during which I made some good web friends via a fansite. But, best of all, I MET HIM WHEN HE WAS FILMING 'THE KING'S SPEECH'!!

It was definitely God's doing. I was off work with stress due to an horrendous year with my poor hubby being ill, culminating in him falling down the stairs and breaking 6 ribs. My doctor said that, as hubby was now being safely looked after in hospital, I should treat myself to a day out somewhere and relax. I chose to visit Ely cathedral as it was easy to get to by train. While there I overheard a volunteer cafe worker say there would be filming there later that week, with some actor called Colin Firth. I nearly choked on my hot chocolate!!! What??? Colin???? My lovely, lovely Colin??? Screeeeaaaammmm!!!!

So, 2 days later, Mr Firth and Mr Geoffrey Rush were treated to the sight of a short, plump, middle aged woman in a crazy patchwork coat sitting in the freeeeeeeezing cold cathedral watching them as they first rehearsed, then filmed a scene for the film. I'd picked a good day since, apparently, the press had all done their bit the day before so I was the only fan there!
At one point Colin and Geoffrey were walking up and down the aisle, while adjustments were being made to lighting or cameras or something, and they noticed me sitting watching. Colin glanced over and gave me a polite smile. When I returned with a huge, I'm-so-thrilled-to-see-you smile he did a double take and looked again, giving me a really big, friendly smile in return.  *swoon*

Anyway, just as I was looking at my watch, thinking I would have to go soon or I'd miss my train, they finished filming and I was able to apprehend Colin on his way out. All day long the 'crew' had emphasised that Mr Firth was busy, that yesterday was his day for doing autographs, and I would be really, really lucky to get him to stop; but I knew this would be my only chance since I'm not the type of person to wait for hours in the rain at film premieres! So I asked politely and he smiled and agreed, asking what my name was. Since I have an unusual name (well, unusual for England) I asked if he knew how to spell it - he did. I said "Just like in that song by 'Little Feat'" [a group Colin followed as a teenager, and he mentions in the film 'What a girl wants']. This made Colin do that kind of laugh where you lift your head and blow air down your nose (I made Colin laugh!!!) and I said "See - I do know some things about you!" and my moment was over. I sooooo wanted to ask for a photo with him on my mobile phone, but they'd kept on about him needing to go, and there were a couple of other people waiting too by then so, like the good, polite, English girl I am I left it at that.  BUT I MET COLIN FIRTH!!! AND HE KNEW HOW TO SPELL MY NAME!!!!  AND HE SMILED AT ME AND I MADE HIM LAUGH!!!!

So, when you're watching "The King's Speech" and you get to the bit where Geoffrey Rush is marching down the aisle of Westminster cathedral muttering about walking on Chaucer's grave, look out for a glimpse of patchwork behind a pillar on the left!  ;-)


  1. :D all hail, Emperor of Firthdom! And saucy minxes wot lurk behind pillars;p. xxx

  2. I saw Colin Firth last night dripping wet xxx

  3. I told you to send him my way, Mum! xx

  4. What fun for you! We definitely like Colin Firth here in our house!


  5. Hi Mrs Rabe! *waves* Glad you like him too ;-)