Thursday, 16 June 2011

Yummy home made chips

I'm not well known for my home cooking skills but occasionally I feel the urge. I don't do fancy stuff, just plain, honest, homely stuff. 
The other day I had the urge to make home made chips - that's fries, for our American cousins. I remember these as a special treat when I was a child, running down the garden with a bowlful seasoned with salt and HP sauce. Chip shop chips are much better than frozen ones, but home made ones are better still! So, with apologies if I'm teaching Grandma to suck eggs, here's how I make them.....
I have discovered that leaving the skins on makes a much sweeter taste, so just scrub the potatoes clean. These are new potatoes.

Cut to shape.

Wash off the excess starch with cold water.

Drain and pat dry with a clean tea towel. (Water will make the hot fat spit.)

Place in the basket of your chip pan. I used to have an electric chip pan but it was a pain to clean and I hardly ever used it anyway.

Carefully lower the basket into the hot fat. I usually do this with the lid on at first, to avoid hot fat splashes. From time to time lift the basket out and carefully shake to separate the chips. Cook until golden.

Dish up and enjoy!!!!  


  1. Yummy,home made chips.I used to make them awhile(years)ago but i peeled my potatoes first,must try them with the skins on x

  2. Oh my word that looks delicious. I now feel hungry! New potato chips are my favourite.x

  3. Hi Mum, hi Trish!
    Glad you liked the post. Will have to invite you both round next time I make, when's the next Blue Moon??? ;-) x x

  4. They looke wonderful, poppety:). On a good day, I can cook a cup of tea;p. xxx