Thursday, 23 June 2011

Veggies and other pics

Took the camera out to the back garden the other day.....
The carrots are coming along nicely.

The gooseberry leaves are under attack (presumably gooseberry sawfly) but the fruit's fine. This has happened before, but the bush recovers.

The potatoes have turned into triffids and are taking over the patio!!!!!!!

Hubby's pride and joy - his Japanese Acer, which we grow in a pot using ericaceous compost. The leaves turn the most beautiful scarlet colour in the Autumn.

Some pretty Bramble flowers. We have Bramble growing in the wild bit of land that backs onto our garden and it regularly attempts to invade our garden too! After it has finished flowering I will cut this back to the ground.

This Hypericum has self seeded into our garden. It's also called St John's Wort because it flowers in time for St John's Day, June 24th.

As the flowers fade they develop into these pretty fruits. You can also see White Bryony trailing over it all. Another self seeded plant, it always amazes me just how quickly Bryony grows. It has tightly twisted tendrils that cling on as it climbs and pretty greeny/white flowers. The berries turn from green to red to black and look like strings of beads festooned over the hedges.

Finally, couldn't conclude without more piccies of my gorgeous Bunny. The plants are mint, growing between the tiles of the patio.

Have a great day everyone!  God bless!  x x

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